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My inspiration is to provide you with the highest level of Neurosurgical expertise in a caring environment, incorporating world’s best standard of combined medical and surgical attention.

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Neurosurgeon Specialist

Mr Brendan O’Brien is a Melbourne-based neurosurgeon specialising in complex spinal surgery, skull-based tumour resection and cerebrovascular aneurysms. He is dedicated to providing a high degree of medical and surgical expertise in a caring and compassionate manner.

Brendan has expertise in cranial and skull-based tumour resection, complex spinal surgery, management of cranial and spinal trauma and cerebrovascular aneurysm clipping/management.

He takes an insightful and balanced approach to minimally-invasive reconstructive spinal therapies for degenerative, traumatic and neoplastic spinal conditions, such as disc replacement in the cervical and lumbar spine.

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Neurosurgical Brain Disorder Craniotomy

A diagnosis requiring brain surgery can be quite unexpected and confronting. Mr O’Brien provides an extensive, reassuring, and supportive approach to what can often be quite a daunting experience.

Complex Spinal Reconstruction

Brendan is a balanced advocate of artificial disc replacement solutions versus keyhole surgery or appropriate spinal fusion. He has extensive experience in these areas along with other minimally invasive reconstructive spinal therapies for degenerative, traumatic or neoplastic spinal conditions.

Peripheral nerve surgery

A peripheral nerve is any nerve that is outside the brain and spinal cord. If a peripheral nerve becomes damaged and does not heal well, surgery may be the only treatment option for instance carpal tunnel syndrome for the median nerve or cubital tunnel syndrome at the elbow for the ulnar nerve.

Treatment Options

During your consultation, it is a priority of Mr O’Brien to thoroughly explain and outline all of the treatment and management options relative to your particular case. Brendan will encourage you to take part in voicing all of your questions and concerns.

Access to Information

Mr O’Brien has access to any of the radiology and pathology clinics across Victoria and Australia. This allows in depth, efficient and real-time access to your results and reporting as required.

Why Choose Us?

Specialist Neurosurgeon

Mr Brendan O’Brien is an accomplished Consultant Neurosurgeon, Corporate CEO, and Start-up Founder with extensive experience in neurosurgery, spinal surgery and research. He is dedicated to advancing the fields of healthcare, digital transformation, and human performance through innovation, collaboration and continued education.

Brendan has extensive medical experience over a significant career in healthcare delivery. He graduated in Medicine with Honours from the University of Queensland. He obtained the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners in 1993, following which he went on to commence Specialist Neurosurgical training in 1994 in Queensland. He embarked on National Neurosurgical training in 1995 in Neurosurgical Units across Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane, graduating in 2000.

Commencing work as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital in February 2000, he has worked predominantly in cranial and skull-based tumour resection, complex spinal surgery, management of spinal and cranial trauma and cerebrovascular aneurysm clipping with additional interests in pituitary and peripheral nerve surgery. After enjoying working in the St Vincent’s Public health system until 2017, Brendan now focuses his attention in the private healthcare delivery arena.

Mr Brendan O’Brien has been a previous Supervisor of Neurosurgical Training at St Vincent’s Hospital and is regularly involved in teaching Medical and Nursing staff throughout the hospital campus. He works as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Melbourne with his main rooms located in East Melbourne, Brendan also consults in rooms at Ballarat and Bendigo to the local and regional area on a regular basis.

He has a strong focus on innovation, education and a demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development.

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